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If I have crossed any lines here I am sorry. I will limit my posts to my own personal experiences getting my money back from GPal.

I appreciate you leaving this venue open to those of us who want to commiserate about GPal. Many other site owners are not so accommodating. One site owner told me that they were contacted by GPal and threatened with a libel suit for hosting customer comments. If the owner of this site is in a similar camp and has chosen to ignore Ben's intimidation tactics I thank you.

I have submitted a new ticket expressing my desire for the "check is in the mail" payment option. I also tried to call GPal today however their phones are down, again. They say on CalGuns that the phones are "overwhelmed." My ticket has been active since last night and as of now I've received no reply. I'm sure they're swamped to I'll give it to tomorrow. They never really responded to my tickets before however I'm hopeful that they'll take this one seriously.

There's still no mention of any of this on their website. According to the site it's business as usual. If PayPal was without the ability to disburse funds they would probably do everything in their power to inform their customers of this fact. GPal continues to try to hide their condition and put on a false front.

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