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Originally Posted by sixgun67
celtgun, that's fair enough. I would then ask how is an individual to know, after calling an 'authority' (which is what I at least would reasonably assume a licensed dealer to be) for an answer to this question, that the said authority is giving false info?

Myself, I don't worry. I use my CCW. But, how would the general non-licensed populace know?
I guess I would wonder why you would consider a shop keeper an expert on law. Your dealer guy didn't give you "false" information. I'm sure he thought it was correct. He gave you "incorrect" information ... because he's a shop owner, not a lawyer. The same applies to police officers. One might assume that they know the laws they are supposed to enforce ... but they don't.

A number of years ago I was dating a woman whose nephew is a police officer. Her son-in-law is a private detective who has a CHL and often carries when working ... but he NEVER practices. We talked about going to the range with him, and at the time I had not gotten my CHL. We encountered nephew LEO at a 4th of July family BBQ, so I asked him if it was okay for me (with no CHL) to take a pistol from home to the range to practice with [name]. He said, "Sure ... no problem."

Good thing I didn't get around to taking [name] to the range, because what nephew LEO told me was flat-out WRONG. In my state, it's a felony offense to carry a handgun, even unloaded, outside the house (even on my own property) without a CHL. The only exceptions are transporting (not "carrying") from the shop where bought or to a shop to sell; to a gunsmith for repair; or to or from MY (not my employer's) place of business.

Laws are typically not written to be clear to laymen. It ensures a need for lawyers. And it works -- if you want to know what the law says, ask a lawyer, not a shop keeper. (Or a cop.)
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