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Thanks GPal!

Yes, the title of this thread is sarcastic. As of today, I am owed over $1000.00 by GPal. Not as much as some, I know. As of tomorrow, my business on Gunbroker will freeze, and even though I have emailed them about the situation, my customers and the people I have bought things from will probably assume I flaked out on them. Truth is, I have been owed money for 3 weeks and haven't seen a penny of it. I keep getting 'press excuses' which in my book is just GPal stalling for time until they can either get this resolved, or Mr. Cannon can skip out. Either way, I'm not able to pay the monthly fees for Gunbroker, and that is the only income I have to pay my bills and survive. I have been living on savings since the end of May and I'm tapped out.

So thanks GPal, my business is now like yours... down the toilet.
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