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The Solution?

Recently GPal has been experiencing difficulties with the banks providing our electronic transfer services that allow us to make deposits and withdrawals to and from customer checking accounts. For weeks we have been working day and night to resolve these problems. We solved the problem many times, only to have the new banks cause more issues. We realize now the serious mistake we made, not immediately telling you, our customer, more about the problems we were having and how you would be affected. For this we offer our sincerest apologies and hope you will forgive us.

It now appears that repeated attempts at electronic transfers to some customers were not successful. As such, we are now issuing paper checks on request to anyone who's electronic withdrawal is overdue. If you would like to have a paper check mailed to you please email GPal Customer Support at [email protected] and we will make sure a check is mailed to you right away. Please make sure your GPal Confirmed address is current and valid. Very soon the website will have the functionality to process your withdrawals by check directly through the website.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience GPal has caused many of you. We are continuing working hard to restore our checking account transfer services. We appreciate you as a customer and thank you for your patience and support during this time.

Ben Cannon
GPal, Inc.
Ben's "solution" is posted here in case of further editing or deletion. I can't believe it took him a month to come up with this. Everyone's been screaming for them to mail out checks for weeks now.

I look forward to hearing that old chestnut "your check is in the mail" when I call to complain about not getting my check in a month or two. Of course we have to request the checks. The 30,000 calls and support tickets I've already submitted don't count. It will be interesting to see if their checks are any good.

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