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springfield set trigger

Ok I posted this in the blackpowder thread and only got 1 response so please bear with me as I am reposting my question here I am building a trapdoor springfield for BPCR competition and am wanting to use a set trigger I know pedersoli makes a couple trapdoor variants with set triggers and am planning on using pedersoli parts but not sure which ones I need to install in my original springfield assemblies can anyone tell me which parts I need to replace? And which tumbler (as there are 2 from SA) etc I need to use as I probably have enough trigger and lock parts to do at least 3 guns and knoew I have both kinds. Also would it be possible (without being a master gunsmith moind you) to use a standard muzzlelloader double set trigger with the springfield lock? Any and all help will be appreciated.
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