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I understand how the labor works. I get paid more or less the same labor regardless of whether I'm doing a brake job on a seventies-era farm truck or a brand new Hayabusa. I'm not saying his rates are ridiculous, I am saying that for me to spend that kind of money on a gun of that cost is a poor financial decision. Every hot-rod I've built, be it gun, car, or bike, has been a losing proposition - and I understand that. Custom costs. So...I know his tools and time are valuable; which is why I was looking to use MY tools (paid for already) and time (slightly less valuable, I suppose...)

I got a fire under my bottom and did just as goatwhiskers recommended. Hacksawed it, used a bastard file to square it (Just by eye - this is a po' boy redneck job), and then used progressively finer files to remove my tool marks.

I used a stainless screw, as opposed to brass, and jeweler's rouge as opposed to lapping compound (keeping with the 'being cheap' theme...used what was in the supply closet) and burnished with mag polish (both the crown using the screw, and the cut surface, using a rag.)

Turned out really nice looking - I really wouldn't have expected such a nice result, but I took some time with it.

I guess the proof's in the pudding, though. I still have to mount up a scope to it. (I bought a cheap mount, and got burned - frustrated, I took it off, along with the rear sight base, and I found this things has a 3/8" dovetail! Wonder of wonders!)

I've got some handloads cooked up for it, so I suppose we'll see if this makes a whit's worth of difference better or worse. Stay tuned...


PS...mods, feel free to lock, since I suppose question A has been asked and answered.
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