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I seriously wish everyone could agree on one 'Magic Lube' and be done with it. I have seen so many recipes for different lubes, and no one can agree on any one product.

After coming to a few conclusions I decided the following ....

It can't be that hard to make an acceptable bullet lube. There aren't any 'Magic Ingredients' as some might have you believe. Finally, The simplest of things are usually the best.

Am I wrong in making the above assumptions?

I was thinking of making a simple lube of the following ingredients and being done with it. I will use it for both my BP Cast Minies and my pistol and rifle cartridges. Tell me if I'm missing something.

2 lbs. Beeswax (Free from neighbor)

1 lb. Paraffin (free from wife's canning pantry. $2 a brick if I need more.)

1/2 lb. vaseline (cheap as dirt at Wally World)

2 Tbsp. STP oil Treatment (in garage and on hand)

3 crayons for color (Free from the kid's broken crayon bucket. They use them to make candles. )

Does this sound ok for .50 Cal BP Miniball, 9mm, and .308 Winchester ?

I'm looking for a HARD lube that I can lube my BP bullets with as well as not worry about running in my .308 target loads.
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