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Yes, the class action lawsuit won't get me my money back. I'm not hopeful that I will get my money back before the company folds.

I would like to see those who orchestrated this ponzi scheme (it's starting to smell like one) held accountable for their actions somehow be it via a class action lawsuit or some other device. Maybe the FTC will become involved? I don't want Ben Cannon et al to be able to continue selling their "poor-us" fairy tale while they move on to some new scam.

Just the fact that they keep telling me they're incapable of mailing me a check should tell people all they need to know about GPal and its management. They can't go to their bank and have them print out a cashier's check? There can only be two reasons for that; they don't want to spend the $8 a cashier's check costs OR they don't have the funds to pay out.

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