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Oh, I forgot to add...whenever, since about 1967, I have heard someone profess to speak "for the people", I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to ask them for their writ, signed by "the people", endorsing whatever hobby horse they are trying to ride at the moment.

Show me the endorsement, cert, writ, petition...anything...that nominates you to speak for the amorphous but holy mass known as "the people".

It comes out of watching communist regimes murder their citizens by the tens of millions, while touting the rights and deep concern of the leaders for "the people". And listening to pompous college students who barely knew where Vietnam was expound in detail about how oppressed "the people" of South Vietnam were. That 2M of the oppressed died after being "liberated" in 4.75 is something I am still quite impolite about.

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