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The Australian fellow comes to us for help. Why? Because he's denied rights that we enjoy, and he's doing what he can do to turn things around in his own land. We offer him - our friend - what comfort we can, but in the end, there's little we can do for him. We can't even agree on how to help ourselves.

This Australian fellow actually helps us much more than we help him because in his powerless distress, he shows us what awaits us too, if we are unwilling to do what it takes to hold onto our own 2nd amendment rights. With due apologes to John Donne, we need not ask not for whom this particular bell tolls; it tolls for us.

If we don't want to one day be standing in this fellows shoes ourselves, we have to WIN the hearts and minds of our countrymen in our internal political battles to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, or put another way, we have to cause our opponents in these battles to LOSE the hearts and minds of our countrymen.

Political labels matter in political fights. They influence public opinion. We have never learned that. We have always allowed ourselves to be the ones cast in a negative light. Thats been a terrible mistake IMHO. We need to fight our way out of that corner. We can do it by adopting all the most positive labels for ourselves, i.e., "majority"; "traditional"; law-abiding", etc. and assigning all the negative labels to our opponents. "Enemy of the people" would be a very powerful and very appropriate label to tie to some of these folks.

The readers and contributors to this particular law and civil rights forum are among the most knowledgeable, the most erudite, and the most intellectual folks in our overall forum membership (which is probably why I rarely intrude here). You, the confident knowledgeable few, are the folks that we, the puzzled masses, look to, for leadership and the path to VICTORY, which as Barry Goldwater once said, there is no substitute for.

I myself am neither particularly knowledgeable, erudite, nor intellectual, but I do know that it will be better if we take the gloves off and win these fights to hold on to and expand our constitutional 2nd amendment rights, that it will be to lose those rights by too strict adherence to Marquis de Queensbury rules.
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