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I was told the same thing. I've been told that I'm right about to get my money several times before with no money deposited in my account so I'm not expecting any this time around. ACH transfers can take 24 hours and your bank should be able to see them pending before they hit your account. You may want to call your bank and ask if any ACH's are pending.

If anyone gets their money please post it here to give the rest of us hope. I'm operating under the assumption that I'll never get my money out of them so if I do it will be a very nice surprise.

I'm pretty sure I won't ever use GPal again after this whole nightmare. I know for a fact that I won't use it as long as Ben Cannon is involved. His handling of this debacle is despicable. At best he's a liar and at worst he's a total fraud. If GPal has any hope of turning the ship around step one is to oust that lying egomaniac and get a solid manager in charge of the company. Let Ben go back to prancing around the Ballet, misrepresenting his hole-in-the-wall webhosting biz and running scam raffles. He seems to do fine in those pursuits. Just keep him away from other people's money.

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