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Soviet communism had little to recommend it, but it did have one concept that I think was valid and that was the concept of an "enemy of the people." (The problem was that the Soviets identified the wrong people as enemies. They should have started their list with Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky.)

The longer I live the more convinced I am that there is indeed a category of person who should be identified as an "enemy of the people". While any person certainly has the right to deny himself or herself the means of self defense against an abuser, or rapist, or murderer, when that person seeks to remove the natural right of self defense from the general public, then that person has entered into the realm of "an enemy of the people" in my book.

I'm not saying there should be a legal punishment for such people, but I do think we should appropriate the term "enemy of the people" and use it to identify those who are. Labels of odium can be a very effective substitute for tar and feathers sometimes; just ask "the Beast", aka Gen."Spoons" Butler how long they can follow you.

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