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I'd be interested in some information on this Whitney, if you purchase it. We're conducting some research and have about 160 Whitneys in our data base. Please see

You mentioned it has been re-blued. Is there any trace of a cylinder scene?
According to our research, we would classify your revolver as a 2nd Model, 3rd Type. According to our research, this type has the Colt-style loading lever catch; and first style cylinder scene (eagle; shield; lion, with no naval scene). Whitney cylinder scenes are very light and most are worn off, so it has been difficult to verify some cylinder scenes. I believe the change in cylinder scene occurred around serial # 13000. Another change is the use of a slanted
"N. HAVEN" in the barrel address. Your revolver has the straight "N. HAVEN".....which would be correct for that serial number.
You should find serial numbers on the bottom of the barrel; inside of loading lever; on frame under trigger guard; on inside of brass trigger guard; inside of grips; and back of cylinder (on ratchet area between nipples).....however, numbers may be worn off on cylinder.

Anyway....looks like a nice revolver. I'd appreciate any data you could provide.
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