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Here's the latest post from GPal's VP on

Like any other forum, this one needs to be moderated and kept free of nonsense. No threads will be deleted if they serve a legitimate purpose. That's all I was saying. Thanks for your input.

To the rest of you, GPal is NOT failing. We will come through this stronger and even more capable than before. You can either help us achieve success or detract from us. The fact remains that we're the only payment processor standing up for your rights to buy and sell firearms and related items. The trouble we are dealing with is coming as a result of a very deep and widespread hatred of gun sales within the banking industry. For those of you wishing for our demise, there will be no one to replace us and you'll be left trying to fool PayPal only to get your account frozen when they learn what you're really doing.

The difference between us and them is we're trying like hell to get everybody their funds and we love the gun industry and all of our customers who buy/sell firearms related items. As stated previously withdrawals are on their way as we speak and we'll be updating our customers individually as to the status.

I'm sorry but playing the "we're all you've got so shut up and help us make this work" card is pretty weak. That ship has sailed. I tried to keep my mouth shut at first for this exact reason but those days are over. GunPal/Gpal should have worked out the banking portion of their product well in advance of its launch. Blaming the "anti-gun bogyman" for your problems is pathetic. GPal had to have had contracts in place with its banking partners. The partners had to have known that they'd be dealing with firearm transactions, the company's name was GunPal for crap's sake. Something stinks here.

I just want my money. If you want to head off the bashing on the internet respond to tickets and phone calls. When you do respond, provide actual information, not just empty promises. If I hear I'm going to get my money on day X or my bank is holding up the transfer again I'm going to go crazy. I don't think you've got the ability to disburse funds right now. If you can't get me my money right now don't lie about it, it's just going to make me and everyone else more upset when the day we're supposed to get our funds comes and goes.

The person I feel most sorry for (besides myself of course) is that Chad guy who seems to be the only member of the GPal support "team" (a team of one?). He sounds like he's about to jump off a bridge when you do finally get to talk to him. Ben Cannon (GPAL CEO and self professed master of the universe) is a complete scum bag (IMHO) and Chad is stuck between that **** and a bazillion people who Ben's company owes money to. Not a good place to be in. Chad, it's been nice speaking with you and hopefully you'll find employment somewhere else in the near future.

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