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Their posting a whole new system on line at 4 Pacific today and we all will get our money . That's a recording. I got thru to chad and he said might be 7 more days till I see my money
Same guy who been telling me my money be their in couple days and for sure last Wed. I had his word. Now Says be 7 more days to get my money
I called the FTC and filed a fraud complaint . When I said Gpal and woman said Oh yes. whats your story . I was in formed many complaints being filed. She also ask that I tell every one that has a problem to contact them .
The FTC 1 877 382 4357 took only a few min Was on hold longer at Gpal. Just to hear their newest fairy tail .
Call the FTC They want to hear your story Woman thought the Bank against 2nd story . As to why I wasn't getting money was a good story.
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