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Another reason for the large number of shootings with the .22 and .25. Both come in cheap guns. One of my friends a SWAT officer in a large city put it into perspective. A large portion of crimes are commmited by drug addicts to get money for a fix. If they have a Glock, Ruger, Beretta or whatever they can sell it for several hundred dollars. They can then buy a "pot metal" .22 or .25 to use to rob people with. The rest of the money goes for drugs. People don't usually care what kind of gun they are being robbed with. Rather a .22 or a .45 they don't want to be shot.
A few years back a nurse friend of mine told me of a terrible instance of the use of a .22. One of her friends was a nurse that visited the home bound to take care of them. She was waiting for a bus to give her a ride home. A junkie produced a small .22 to rob her. She gave up her wallet. When he saw that she only had around $10.00 on her he went into a rage and shot her. Known by some as "knee-capping". Messed her up really bad. Never under or over estimate the power of a handgun. Holes through vital parts of the human anatomy do nasty things. Even little holes. Think of an ice pick to the back of the head in the base of the brain. The "primitive brain" contols breathing and the like. Also connects to the spine. Or any bullet through the
eyeball and it's all over. Fast, multiple, well placed rounds from a .22 or .25 will end things fast.
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