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Don’t know why the .25 doesn’t get any respect at all. I don’t know anyone actually shot by one, but I have one and it delivers a respectable hole downrange (penetration-wise) and a lot of noise at the launch.

I do have a good friend who used to carry one in her purse while she was in nursing school who was accosted by a BG in a dark mall parking lot one night and he quickly exited the scene when she produced the .25. So, in cases like this, a .25 is as good as any (of course, an airsoft would have worked, too, I guess ).

My .25 is a Titan and I’ve kept it for the past 20 years or so for three main reasons; 1.) It has, so far, been 100% reliable, 2.) It has been remarkably (and acceptably) accurate, and, 3.) I can’t get anything for it anyway.

FWIW, I have been shot by a .22 (ND to the R leg @ age 14 by an erstwhile friend). Not my most fun experience, but I did, after a makeshift bandage, manage to walk about a mile and a half home.

I don’t carry the .25 often at all, but I don’t feel bad when I do carry it.


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