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I have an SA Blue Sky import that I bought from Woolworth's back then. (Should have bought an M1 Carbine at the same time.)

The rifle had been reparked. The stock looked like it had gone through two wars, and may have since the rifle was made in 1943. It had a barrel from 1952on it, if I remember correctly. I had no idea how to gauge the barrel so just guessed at it and lucked out.

I was shooting NRA High Power back then using a cut-down 1917 Enfield. The M1 was a lot better for that. I used it for several years and then bought an M1A. I used to use the M1 for dry-firing practice and one day broke the firing pin. To date it's the only thing that has broken on the old veteran. I was going to take it out and shoot a three gun match with it earlier this year but got sick instead.

The matches I shot were all at 200 yards. The best shooting I can remember was 11 shots in a group the diameter of a coffee mug. Unfortunately, it was in the five and six ring due to operator brain fade while going from standing to prone positions.

Folks sometimes cussed the Blue Sky rifles. I never did.
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