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easy and cheap way to remove bluing

Ok, I had a few small parts I needed to remove the bluing from (trigger parts, sight hood, etc..) and then reblue with some bluing from Brownells.

I searched the net and found lots of weird and possibly harmful information and then i found a guys blog and he was going into minute detail on molecular theory and other things on chemistry that made my head hurt and then the simple answer that regular vinegar will remove bluing from metal.

well I went to wally word and bought a couple bottles of white regular vinegar, put some in a small rubbermaid container and put the parts in it. took about 5 minutes and the bluing wiped right off with paper towels. I soaked a little longer for some areas that were slightly "blue stained" and i then had bare clean metal.... wow! very easy. then I remembered I had an old barreled action that I needed to remove the bluing on (was a bad combo of factory bluing that was poor and someones attempt at hot bluing). since I couldn't soak the entire barreled receive I decided to wrap paper towels around it and then pour vinegar on the paper towel and let it soak.

holly handgrenades! 5 minute soak and the bluing was almost 100% off. I resoaked again for some tough spots, and then used 0000 steel wool before wiping off. I left a vinegar residue of the gun to prevent flash rust (it is monsoon season down here in AZ with humidity around 75-85%) and will clean up the gun with water bath then brake cleaner then a protective coating of CLP or Hoppes oil tonight...

wow, cheap at 84 cents a bottle and eco-friendly to boot...

beats spending 14 to 25 bucks on bluing remover from brownells or midway.

now i get to practice my bluing skills on the barreled receiver (brownells makes several good "cold" bluing solutions that actually hold up better than some factory hot bluing.
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