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You gotta remember one thing---The Carolinas are not equipped to deal with snow. 3 inches of snow will shut a town and all it's businesses down. Schools close when the weatherman SAYS it's gonna snow, not when the snow starts to fall. I promise I'm being serious and not being a smart alec. I live in Catawba County just outside of Hickory. They didn't get more than 8 to 10 inches of snow. The law, if read in the Hickory Daily Record correctly, is a town or county ordinance for one county or a couple towns, I don't remember which now. It is not a state law. So, if you were in other parts of our glorious state, you'd be fine. Inside those areas, you could not carry your gun outside your door during the 'state of emergency'. Which on that point, I feel it is absolutely unfair and backward. That, as said before, is when you would be stand the chance to need your gun the most.

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