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FWIW, A.H.Fox made SxS shotguns for awhile in various grades of adornment ( aka: "graded guns"), ranging from their lowest (A grade) up through several steps to the FE & XE grades - before the company decided they needed to be more competitive in the changing marketplace.

They decided to introduce an "economy" gun, sans any adornment (and costing them less to produce), to compete with other low-cost doubles coming into vogue.

What they came up with was the Sterlingworth model, like yours.

It didn't do the company a whole lot of good, since they were eventually taken over by Savage Arms, who placed the "Fox" moniker on their own Savage/Stevens double guns.

Today, "A.H.Fox" doubles are made in CT by Connecticut Shotgun - but mostly only in high grades for high rollers.


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