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Originally Posted by mack59
Well I hope I will be able to send another thank you note to Mayor Daley for enacting such a comprehensive draconian gun control law - that it will require that the courts define much of the parameters of the RKBA. It could have taken years and many separate suits to address and define so many of these issues - but here Daley and the city council have kindly wrapped them all up in a single law allowing a single lawsuit.
I think mack59 summed it up nicely; Daley has provided the most outrageous possible examples of a variety of gun control issues to challenge in the courts.

While the new lawsuit against the new Chicago laws will be interesting, I will focus more attention to Gura's new lawsuit in North Carolina (Bateman v Purdue). Bateman is important because it is based on carry outside the home ("The Second Amendment guarantees individuals a fundamental right to carry functional handguns in non-sensitive public places for purposes of self-defense") and covers ammunition ("prohibit the purchase, sale, and possession of firearms and ammunition, are unconstitutional in that they forbid the exercise of Second Amendment rights").
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