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Casted my first bullets today!

Got my Lee 10lb pot yesterday from my buddy and melted down some WW's last night and got the lead cleaned up and poured into ingots. So I pulled out my new Lee mould this morning and gave it a good scrubbing with Dawn and a tooth brush and got it cleaned up. Let it set in the sun to dry while I started my ingots melting in the pot.

Once my lead got up to temp I fluxed it again with some candle wax, skimmed off the dross and got ready to pour. Forgot to preheat my mould so I set it in the pot to let it warm up, fluxed again and poured a few bullets. I ran about 50 bullets and was able to save a little over half of them.

I came out with 26 bullets from my Lee 170 gran FNGC mould. After the bullets all cooled I weighed the ones I kept and they all weighed in around 173.5 grains +/- .3 grains and were .311 across the bands. I'm going to lube them up tonight and size them and seat the gas checks after I get home from work tomorrow.

I'm using the Lee sizing systme with liquid Alox to size and seat gas checks. I know this isn't the prefered lube for this type of bullet but I don't feel like pan lubing these. I hope to get some money after my wedding in Sep to have enough to by a lube sizer either a Lyman or RCBS.
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