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James K
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Just FWIW, the whole idea was based on a John Steinbeck novel, "The Moon Is Down". Supposedly, if the citizens of an occupied country had even crude guns, they would rise up, kill enough of the occupiers to get better weapons, then overthrow the conquerors.

That may work in fiction, but it is not easy to believe that a tired French housewife, coming home from the bakery with her baguette, would find a gun and suddenly turn into a vengeful Jeanne d'Arc, slaying Boche right and left. Those who did join resistance groups had far better arms and were regularly supplied by the British with STEN guns, No. 4 rifles, Enfield revolvers, and BREN guns; they would have laughed at the Liberator.

Further, the concept was that the guns were to be just dropped, no parachute. Most would have ended up buried deeply in the ground, or would have made holes in roofs, not a good way to win friends.

In a way it is sad that they were mostly destroyed, but had they not been deep sixed, mine would be worth $10 instead of several hundred.

Jim K
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