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Daley wants the state to pass a law stating that "first
responders" in Chicago are immune to lawsuits brought by people who are shot or otherwise subjected to force IF there's a firearm registered at the residence where the police responded.......constituional
Of course this is not part of the ordinance itself. Daley asked for both federal and state immunity. He's got no chance at the federal level in suits for deprivation of civil rights.

State immunity is, of course, a matter of state law and not federal constitutional law. I don't know about his chances for full immunity but I can certainly see some qualified immunity against negligent acts of police.

* No gun shops and no ranges open to the public will be allowed in Chicago...this one would pass muster
The no ranges might pass muster because of "safety" concerns of shooting firearms in a city (I realize the police probably have a range but ...). I do not think the no gun shop ban will stay. They are selling a legal product subject to constitutional protection. They may be subject to other regulation, perhaps keeping a separate registry of purchasers open to police inspection.

* Even so, anyone who wants to register a firearm will be required to pass a 4-hour class and a 1-hour range exam...iffy in light of the one above
I think this is a close question, though it shouldn't be. A lot might depend on the contents of the class and how strict the range exam is, and the cost of course. For example, some abortion regulation statutes have been struck down when the cost of complying has impermissibly burdened the woman's right to abortion. The devil is in the details.
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