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berettacougar A 22 should be on his list. Just doesn't release it. Know one is to good not to own an shoot one. donnybru mentioned the fbi. We have built to homes for fbi retired and both of them practice with 22 version of there old carry gun , do have there own carry guns but maybe oddly nether own a ar still rifle. Bolt rifle enstead.. This guy is a student first and will have some years to work into a centefire. If he"s looking for a home defence gun a 22 will work but that is where a shotgun would be a cheaper weapon and can serve multi rolls is a short barrel for home and long on a sporting clay course. Not skeet/trap. Anyone that has not tried that give it a shoot, don't come natural to many. Kills me, no talent there. He can always buy a center fire and that should be totaly his choice of brand and model along with rifle.
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