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A good .22 rifle and a good .22 pistol,,,

My friend, the whole purpose of your first gun(s) will be to learn,,,
Buy any centerfire gun and you limit your learning by the cost of ammunition.

My suggestion is a .22 semi-auto rifle,,,
And a .22 handgun be it a revolver or semi-auto,,,
This will not cost you too much money and the ammo is cheap.

I recommend a Ruger 10/22 rifle ($200.00 bucks),,,
Or a Mossberg 702 Plinkster ($129.00),,,
Or a Marlin Model 60 ($145.00)

Then consider a Ruger 22/45 for a handgun ($239.00),,,
Or a Ruger Mk III ($329.00) in one of the many configurations,,,
And you don't have to go the ultra-tricked out versions of them either.

I own some seriously fine handguns in my cabinet,,,
But the pistol I have the most fun with is the basic 22/45,,,
And it's a wonderful trainer for serious practice with seriously cheap ammo.

Get the basic versions that won't break your bank,,,
Later there will be plenty of time for the super-spiffy wonder guns

Your goal should be to shoot a lot of bullets,,,
Learn the basics of good technique,,,
And have tons of fun!

You can do a whole lot more of those shooting actions,,,
At 3-4 cents a round than at 20-30 cents a round.

I guarantee if you walk out to your shooting spot,,,
Sporting a 10-22 rifle and a 22/45 pistol,,,
You will walk tall and have tons of fun.

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