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Oh, and while this isn't firearms-related, I'm going to put it out there regarding your law enforcement career aspirations:

If you know what geographical location you intend to live/work in, do some research and determine what the best 2nd language to learn would be... whether it's spanish, japanese, russian, farsi, etc. You don't have to be fluent but proficiency will make you that much more valuable to your department. And unlike your pistol craft, I guarentee you'll use those language skills nearly every day.

Learning to shoot is relatively easy, and it's fun. Learning a language, a professional discipline (such as engineering or finance) and putting in consistent hard work at the gym/track/pool, is not as much fun but will put you in a better place when you're looking for employment, be it at the local, state, or Federal level. Determine your goals 10-15 years out, list what it will take to achieve those goals (3 areas: education, training, experience) and create a timeline/roadmap for yourself to get there. Then do it, and enjoy it, without complaint or excuses, because afterall it is the path you chose for yourself.

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