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repro Liberator

I've long been fascinated by the idea of the WWII Liberator pistol.

I wonder if a small, cheap but reliable single shot pistol could easily be made by a home workshop enthusiest.

The liberator was intended for use by civilians in occupied Europe against the Nazi and Vichy soldiers. Now that so many countries have banned pistols it seems like the idea of a disposable handgun is once again pertinent.

With that in mind, I find myself thinking quite a bit how a person could build one with nothing more than a drill, a vice, a 4" grinder or file, and basic material that could be found at a typical hardware store.

Basically, the idea is a higher quality zip gun. In order for it to be legal in the US, it would have to use a rifled barrel. That could be found easily enough on gunbroker as part of a kit or modified from a common pistol with available replacement parts like the 1911.

It would be a fun project I think, and if it could be built as a 2 or 4 shot derringer would actually be something that would have a practical application as a back up gun.

The original Liberator was a .45 ACP, but a 9mm would be good too. A .45 LC, .44 sp, .38sp, or .22mag would probably be even better since a rimmed round is much more forgiving in terms of headspacing. Handloading to reduced pressures might be a good idea for some of the more powerful cartridges.

Has anyone else here thought about this, or actually attemped to build one?

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