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Consider a few things:

Unless you don't mind collatteral damage, like kids & spouses, you'll need to ID your target - IOW, SOME light is gonna be needed, either ambient, room, or flash, or NO sights will be visible in pitch blackness, fiber-optic or not.

The ONLY kind of sights that operate in total darkness are the Tritium-types, etc.

Since you will hopefully have enough light (from something) to see, albeit dimly, I would posit that one of the best HD/night sights is a (renewable) 1/2" wide strip of bright white medical adhesive tape (NOT paper tape) - straight down the full length of the top of the gun, from the rear of the receiver to the front bead/muzzle.

If you test it, you will find that it WILL be seen, even with the gun held at hip level.

This is a quick/rough, and not a finish, representation of what I mean:
(same gun/room/lighting/time, both with & w/o white tape)



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