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Interarms Mark x safty????

I just purchased a used interarms mark x in 7mm rem mag from a nearby pawn shop. I went and shot it the day I got it and noticed the safty on it didnt feal like it was engaging all the way into the safty position. So befor I shot I tried to dry fire it with the safty on and it did. I took it back to the house and took it apart and cleaned it very well. I also adjusted it to where the safty would engage all the way and it still fired in the safty position. I got it to where it wouldnt fire with the safty on after some time of researching and messing with the adjustments on the trigger. It has a two position safty on it witch I dont like on this style trigger. The question I have is there a three position safty I can get for this rifle or is there somethin I can do to make this one work better.

Also, the trigger rubs aginst the housing it is in and dose not have a smooth pull at all. While I was trying to get it to dry fire in the safty position after fixing it the trigger hung up on the wall of the housing and when I pushed the safty off it then fired. Has anyone else had problems with these trigger on these rifle, and how should I go about fixing it.
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