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I to am having trouble with now Gpal.. I requested money from my account on 24 June . I finely got to talk with support today . Last time I went thru same thing over 2 weeks before I got money. The say 2 to 5 business days on their site. Now that time I was told I got lost .In the change over in processors. Ok Mistake was made.
Today is best excuse yet READY!!!! Since they are very 2nd amendment the banks are screwing with them . This why I am not getting my money BUT it will be their in my account tomorrow for sure . (same thing last time when I called. Fixed on spot)
I am seriously thinking of filing a complaint with my Attorney General and with the one in the state their in. . I didn't want to use pay pal . However this can't get money that belongs to you .That their holding and paying no interest on Limiting you amount of withdraws to a $1000 total a month unless you give them YOUR Credit Card Number. Is BS I suggest people find other ways to pay Besides Gun Pal now known as Gpal. Their service is terrible .
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