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Review - Part III of III (or IV - we'll see)

So after a few weeks, I finally took the gun to the range, and was even able to put a dozen rounds through it into a paper target 25ft away (freestyle, both hands). The shots resulted in a nice vertical group roughly 3 inches in length - definitely a comment on my own shooting limitations rather than the accuracy of the gun. The fact that the shots grouped vertically leads me to believe that the smooth trigger of the gun prevented me from making the typical errors of dragging the trigger (something that I noticed doing a lot with Glock-style twin triggers).

I was eager to do more accuracy testing that day. The problem is that we were having a man-on-man steel match that day, and since that was the first i participated in, I have no frame of reference on whether I did better or worse than with one of my other firearms.

Initial shooting impressions are as follows:
1. The single-action trigger is not feather-light, but light enough for me
2. Gun ergonomics are very pleasant.
3. Perceived recoil is mild, so I FELT that it was easier to keep the gun on target (which came in handy during the steel match)
4. The fiber optic front sight was NOT highly visible at our indoor range. I don't know if its value will be greater for outdoor shooting.
5. Reliability was great, aside from a couple of user errors (forgetting to click the mag in place fully, not chambering the round on one occasion, keeping the safety on while a buzzer sounded, etc.)
6. See above about the trigger - if anything, I noticed shooting too low or too high - not side to side.

Next steps? Go back to the range for a more focused slow-fire accuracy test, and continue the reliability testing. I have not cleaned the gun after taking it to the range. After 100 or so rounds being fed through it, it was still firing just fine. I will use my next session to see if the performance or accuracy are impacted.

Stay tuned.
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