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The pre-Accutrigger Savages came in 3 versions.

The very earliest (1959-1965) were a nightmare but can be adjusted by the user.

The later 3 screw and even later 2 screw triggers can be tuned very nicely.

The 3 screw has a screw that controls the amount of sear engagement and they are pretty easy to adjust. The 2 screw triggers eliminate the sear engagement screw but can still be easily tuned to provide a good pull. One of my finest triggers is a worked 2 screw.

Here is a couple of links to the Savage triggers and adjustment procedures.
You may have to cut and paste these into your browser as the direct link doesn't often work with them for some reason.

This is for the 3 screw trigger adjustment.,19414.0.html

This is for the early trigger.,21960.0.html
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