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Thanks for your comments about the range. I only had the green B27 at the top to measure the height from the ground to the top of the target. I should have removed it prior to posting the picture as I agree it is too close to the top. It was raining outside and I do not have any pictures of the outside of the backstop. There is a double row in a semicircle of telephone poles behind the complete backstop with a double row of hanging 1 1/2" rubber pads in front of the telephone poles. Behind the telephone poles there is a 18" thick berm of dirt held in place by a stack of cross ties. There is also a double stack of telephone poles on the top of the backstop to remove any possibility of a round escaping even if it glanced off of anything else. I do apologize for not furnishing the rest of the information but will be more careful in the future so as to not mislead you.

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