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Here it is! Where I shoot (and live).

The adventure begins. I thought I would never get the last of the rubber mulch bagged and stacked but last night I finally got it to where I think it will hold whatever is thrown at it! I went back out this morning and finished the target frames, last of the trim on the front and actually fired 300 or so rounds at it. Don't know why I didn't do this when we moved out here three years ago!
The backstop is 12' wide, 6' high and at least 2' deep . I have fired 22lr from a Nylon 66, 44 mag from my 629 S&W, 45 ACP form my Kimber Ultra Covert II and 9MM from my S&W 659. The deepest penetration I have been able to document so far has been right at 16". That was from the 44 mag. I was really surprised but that is how it works so far. My last fifty rounds were from my 659 and I shot the TX qualifying course for the CHL. I just can't keep from dropping at least one! Never fails. I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see what it looks like. I still have some minor cleaning to do from all the construction but it is at least usable for my classes within another hour or two of cleaning and make ready. I will run two lanes, the outside ones to give some separation of the targets. If I have experienced shooters that I know and am comfortable with, I can run all three lanes to get them qualified a little quicker. I am overjoyed and just can't wait until the end of the month when I have my first Texas class on the range!

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