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Chicago is an interesting study for sure. I have a few friends in Chicago and I lived there for three years and I have never met anybody that respected Daley ( always considered an idiot ). The city has always been corrupt. Funny thing is that "pay to play" still exists in Chicago and Illinois today even after Bloggo scandal.

An easy example is the required fire retardant caulk used in all building remodels. It must be a certain kind that is only manufactured by a group controlled by retirement fund of Chicago Firefighters Union and yes a 25oz tube costs $125.00. We laughed about all the corruption when I was up there and the dead people collecting paychecks. Bloggo was just doing business as usual.

Anyway back to point, if you listen to the quotes by the aldermen you can begin to understand what their mindset is. They associate guns with crime not crime prevention. The majority of the people living there have never hunted or shot a firearm before and aren't familiar with guns except as portrayed in movies. So your arguments of self protection fall on deaf ears to them.
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