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The .pdf of the ordinance is available . . . FNC is not exaggerating. The highlights:
  • No gun shops and no ranges open to the public will be allowed in Chicago
  • Even so, anyone who wants to register a firearm will be required to pass a 4-hour class and a 1-hour range exam
  • Only one handgun per month may be registered. Move to Chicago with three handguns, and you'll need to decide which one you're keeping.
  • $100 every three years for the right to register, $15 per gun annually to register, $10 for Chicago's knockoff of the Illinois FOID card
  • Only one firearm may be stored in the home in a functional state. All others must be locked up AND broken down into a non-functioning state (field stripping will suffice.)
  • If the registered owner has reason to believe there's at least one minor "present," he must carry the one functional gun on his person at all times to keep it away from the minor.
  • Firearm possession is legal in "the home," which the ordinance defines as the interior of the dwelling, not including garages, outbuildings, porches, patios or yards. While you're carrying that gun to keep it away from your kids, don't step out to the mailbox or try to mow the yard, you filthy gun nut.
  • Daley wants the state to pass a law stating that "first responders" in Chicago are immune to lawsuits brought by people who are shot or otherwise subjected to force IF there's a firearm registered at the residence where the police responded.
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