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I meant no disrespect, just think there are some very high end photos coming to the contest, well beyond my abilities, so I didn't try this month. I have some beautiful weapons, but they are not going to compete with some of the entries ive seen in the past few months, so i am just enjoying them instead.
I am into the young and new shooters, so I like to see the candid camera shots.
I liked the one two months ago, I think, where the boy was shooting across the hood of the car, and the dad caught the Garand clip pinging. Good stuff.
Its all about the memories we create and recall.
My FFL and his attorney are trying to open a family oriented range, with a Disneyland like environment, with a plinking area, and a restaurant, geared toward the females and families. He and I agree that, the women feel a little out of place at our ranges, so they bring their boyfriends and hubbies etc to escort them. We all know there are more single ladies, and professional women who are living alone, and getting into CCW, so we need to create an environment that will encourage them to attend, and in our case, we always say to give them a clean ladies washroom.
I guess you had to be there! I hope we can get it going, he has asked me to come out of retirement and range officiate/instruct. He better hurry up, I'm not getting any younger. I will need the money, if things keep going the way they are.

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