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There have been no gun shops in Chicago for at least 28 years. You have to travel outside of Chicago to look at any kind of firearm. Until this week's SCOTUS ruling, handguns were banned in Chicago, even in one's home. You were always allowed to own a rifle or shotgun.

In my experience, the employees at the gun shops closest to Chicago look at you "funny" if you're not a LEO. The farther away from Chicago you get, the larger the selections, lower the prices, and friendliest the salespersons.

Chicagoland is a HUGE metropolis, and the only guns the people see or hear about are those used by criminals. It's easy to convince the public that firearms are evil and should be heavily regulated, hence the strict laws. I'm sure the folks living in Downstate IL don't appreciate the heavy gun control being handed to them from one corner of the state either.

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