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I joined this forum just to post how bad tgscom is

Similar problem to bamamofo.

Order stuff website lists as in stock. Got an "in processing" email. Called to find out what it meant. Nice lady said stuff not in stock. No worries, asked her to cancel order. She said no problem. Called me back ten minutes later to say that the two things I ordered had actually shipped already and so they couldn't be cancelled. Again, am happy as I wanted my stuff.

A few days go by and I get an email saying one item shipped. Got the one item more than a week after original order (it certainly didn't ship same day). Another week goes by get another "in processing" email for the other item. Call to check. Different nice lady (at first) says the item is on indefinite back order. Now these are reloading press accessories, each useless without the other. Say OK, am grumpy, related above story to her and said to cancel order. No profanity or anything just said 'uncool.' She hangs up on me.

my website was

my replacement order has already shipped.

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