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Good photos for a phone. from the information in the 3rd edition of the Standard Catalog of S&W it appears to be a .32 Safety Hammerless, 3rd Model, also called the New Departure and or the Lemon Squeezer ( because you have to squeeze the safety to fire it ) The SCofS&W states the Serial number ( 170000 to 242981 ), the lack of patent dates and the forged front sights are the key ID factors. I believe yours was made in 1936/37. The gun over all looks to be in excellent condition. I'm not knowledgeable enough to confirm if the grips are original, the example in the catalog shows a medallion, your pictures don't show one. They do appear to be real Mother of Pearl, and the last set I brought for a gun cost over 200 dollars. Perhaps some others may be more up to date on the value, it is a very nice collectors item.
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