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You said using .44 is not much manly in your opinion, then why did you say you are more likely to get a .44 first ?
Because I've been drooling over the 58 Remmi

A big part of it is really the frustration over the .36 ammo.

I got my .36 navy first(Uberti), really do like it. But the .375 RB was jumping forward. Didn't want to order .380 over the net...price + shipping + not knowing if it would work anyway, so I searched the stores and finally found one box, which did in fact work, but made me realize I would have a supply issue.

In the meantime I bought one of the .44 "navys" (peitta) and a box of .451, they literally fell right into the chamber and right back out...went back to the store returned them and got .454's no problem, worked great.

Then ended up getting molds for both.

If I get another .36 with my luck it will need .375 but another .44..which will most likely be a peitta will most likely take .454s...but if not I can find RB locally in 3 sizes for .44 and molds locally in 3 as well.

The "thrill factor" in shooting is the same for me either way...but the .44 has some very real practical benefits in my opinion
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