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I think what I said got misconstrued.

There is nothing wrong or wimpy about the .36

However, using the .44 isn't any more "manly" in my opinion...both seem to have pretty comparable recoil from what I can tell.

The big thing is 3 out of 4 stores (that carry such) around here will have the ball in stock for .44s maybe 1 in 4 will have .36 an if I want .380 (and don't want to cast it for some reason) than I am SOL. Only one store had a box and he said it was sitting on that shelf for the better part of 10 years or so.

If you want the .36, then by all means go for it...I have one, I really like it...I'll probably get another some day

Although I am more likely to get another .44 first
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