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I was deer hunting with my Knight DISC muzzle loader yesterday when a six point buck came out about 90 yards away. This would be the first shot Ive had at a buck since the season started. I grunted at him, he looked and went back to what he was doing. I gave him a doe bleat, he looked, and went back about his business. Finally he stepped into a clear spot, I put the crosshairs on him, touched the trigger, and BANG! The #209 primer went off but didnt ignite the powder charge. It sounded like a 22 rifle going off. It was loud given the scenario, just me and him in the quiet woods. He stopped and looked over in my direction, I kept the crosshairs on him in case the load cooked off. Nothing. He didnt run. He went back to what he was doing. Now Im not believing this, I opened the bolt and dumped the used primer, it fell to the metal floor of my treestand with a loud "CLANK!" He looked again. Then went back to what he was doing. I eased another primer in the gun, picked a spot behind his shoulder and KABOOOOMMM! The whole world shook when that 150 grain pyrodex charge went off. Hammered him. I walked over to where I shot him and saw why he refused to leave. He was working two scrapes. Horny little guy stuck around too long.

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