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Really, I've looked at a couple of these things- the Italian ones that are three times the price- but this one I'd buy. Looks like it will be the same price as the regular Rossi rifles.

The advantage to these things over revolver or a semi-auto handgun are the following:

*There is no hot gas coming out the side of the gun. Great for vechicle use.
*More powerful cartridges than usually offered semi-autos.
*Long sighting radius
*No ejection of brass until you decided. Also easy to catch the brass
*A solid breech that could be used with a suppressor, if legal in your jurisdiction

I really don't see anything not to like about it.
Perhaps someone will make an 1895 handgun in .405 Winchester .
However, I guess that would facilitate the first wrist transplant in the U.S.

Most of all, it has no junk plastic parts and it isn't "tacticool!"
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