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Well I don't know if Wogpotter has really gotten an answer to his question. I suppose safety is a personal thing to some extent- we all have to be within our own comfort level. We can shield ourselves with a panoply of certificates, rules, regulations, etc, etc so we are "safe" but do these things make us safer- sometimes yes sometimes probably not. Do I myself feel safer around someone that overdoes the safety aspect, no just the opposite. To me it's a red flag that I may be in the presence of an accident prone individual. I watch him like a hawk.
In any event I started shooting percussion revolvers 40 years ago, I was a young kid and there were no rules about gun control where I lived, so I scraped up $58 and bought a Navy 36 Replica. The books and magazine articles that gave instructions on shooting a percussion revolver showed loading the chambers directly from a flask, I can't ever recall any that used a measure however on a long arm or single shot muzzle loading pistol a measure was always used.
So I did what the books showed, loaded from a flask. I never thought about an accident so I guess I was in happy land. Now that the issue has been raised I guess it is fair to say I'll never be that carefree again about loading from a flask when shooting a percussion revolver. The first time I ever ran into using a measure with a percussion revolver was at the State Shoot in Florida. I wasn't signed up for pistol because I thought you had to have a single shot and a guy said if I had a percussion revolver I could use it. At the range I was told to use a measure, EVERYONE had to use a measure, no exceptions, it didn't matter what type gun you were using. Fine, I used a measure but I sort of thought it was ridiculous. I didn't feel safer, in fact pouring black powder from one container to a measure and to the chamber was just one more step where a bit of powder could spill or what not, as I said it has the aura of safety but I wasn't sure if I was really more safe.
So where am I on this issue? Sort of confused to be honest. Gone are the carefree days of old- now I am not sure and as everyone says- might as well use a measure- it only takes a second and at least it MIGHT be safer. I'll probably use a measure because that is the logical thing to do but I'll still have issues.
Which brings up sort of a funny thing that happened to me the other day. My car was in the shop and I needed a ride, this guy at work, Leo, said he would give me a lift. Leo is a laugh a minute, sort of a little short guy, maybe 5'8" or so and shaped like a pear with a bald head and he's the nervous type. He looks about half way between Ed Asner and Don Rickles, and as I said he jokes around a lot.
Well Leo gets into his car and starts wiggling his butt back and forth and messing with the rear view mirror- like you see some gals do when they get into a car- so I thought he was clowning around. Leo turns around and stares at me and starts ranting that driving vibrations can knock a rear view mirror out of alignment, "Don't you remember your driving classes, you ALWAYS check your rear view mirror alignment before operating a motor vehicle"
"Sure Leo" says I, "not a problem"
Well then Leo starts checking his two side mirrors while simultaneously asking me if I have securely fastened my seat belt.
"Yep, all strapped in" I replied, still wondering if this was all some sort of a joke.
Next Leo turns around looking into the back seat.
"What are you doing now Leo" I ask.
"Looking for loose objects man, if a guy cuts me off in traffic and I have to slam on the brakes loose objects can become flying missiles. People have been KILLED that way"
"Oh yeah" I chimed, "I think I recall hearing that before"
Leo then stares at me, "Are you going to keep talking man, this isn't any pleasure thing, the goal of the driver is to insure all occupants arrive safely at their final destination" beads of sweat were rolled down Leo's contorted face and his eyes were spaced apart, then Leo added,"if you have anything else to say, say it now before I start operating this vehicle"
At that point a strange feeling came over me, Leo was doing everything right, every single thing he did was right out of the book, safe as safe could be but as I looked at him I decided I really didn't feel that safe in a car with a guy like that so I said,
" Yeah, just one more thing Leo, go back inside and grab a cup of coffee, I'm taking a cab"
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