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A Luger can sell from $400-$500 for a fair condition "shooter" to multiple thousands for various more-collectible models.

(There are Soviet captures that were used by Soviet police for years; these are functional guns, often with mismatched serial numbers [or renumbered side plates, etc.] That's the low end. It just goes up from there. )

Holsters, loading tools, and original mags raise the price. I've had several Lugers, from both categories -- and the "shooter" which I got for $375 some years ago, was a tack driver, despite a pitted barrel. All parts but the side-plate were matching on that one.)

What ever you do, have someone who knows Lugers look at the gun before trying to sell it. You may leave a lot of money on the table, otherwise.

And buyers should exercise similar care. There are probably more "faked" collectible Lugers (with some parts "re-strawed" and others renumbered to enhance their apparent value) than any other gun out there. And one valuable enough to command a higher price probably shouldn't be shot -- as you run the risk of damaging one or more of the "numbered" parts, which, if replaced, degrade the gun's value.

There may be a dealer or two in your area who can help with valuation. Here in NC, Cherry's (in Greensboro) has (or had) a person who knows Lugers.


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