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Yeah, that's been my experience at shoots, they make you load from a measure and it should also be pointed out that if a percussion revolver is permitted, and at the matches I've attended in Florida they generally are permitted, you can only load one chamber at a time. I assume the one chamber at a time rule is to put a percussion revolver more in line with a standard, single shot pistol (that is- a "Kentucky" for want of a better word).
so......I guess I sort of lied about ALWAYS loading from a flask when using a percussion revolver- I just forgot about the matches because I only shot a revolver at a couple and then got a regular muzzle loading pistol. In any event the question still remains, can loading from a flask when shooting a percussion revolver result in an accident.
The argument can of course be made-SURE- if there is an ember in the chamber- so, therefore- always use a measure. I understand the logic but it seems the fired chambers are pretty clean without much fouling.
Now I know- sounds like I'm on the side of loading from a flask- that's not necessarily so. If accidents have occurred I'll change however I'm interested in knowing if in all the written journals of the day, or in all the modern day shooting of replica percussion revolvers- in the millions and millions of rounds that have probably been reloaded from a flask (percussion revolvers) has there ever been an instance when an ember remained in the chamber and caused a flask to explode? I've never heard of one.
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