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Both NMLRA and CVA caution against loading directly from a flask but both of the requirements are general enough that an argument could be built that the precaution applies only to long arms. I have never been at a NMLRA sanctioned event but I have read in this forum of the existence of the prohibition of loading a revolver directly from a flask but that the rule seems not to be universally enforced.
It's more than a 'caution'. It's an explicit prohibition. And it's not 'general'. It's quite specific.

From the NMLRA Rules and Regulations, May 2010 edition:
"1220 POWDER MEASURE - A separate powder measure or holder will be used to carry the powder charge from the container to the muzzle of the gun. Charging directly from the horn or flask is unsafe and is not permitted."

Seems pretty clear to me. What part of Charging directly from the horn or flask is unsafe and is not permitted is hard to understand or "interpret"?

Are we using the word 'muzzle' to suggest the rule only applies to long guns? The NMLRA considers the chamber mouth of a percussion revolver to be a 'muzzle' for the purposes of applying the rules they administer. Charging a revolver cylinder via a chamber mouth is what they use to define a revolver as a 'muzzleloader' under rule 1070.

During the Range Officer training course this particular rule was singled out for emphasis. We were explicitly told by both training officers that the rule applied to all guns, long guns, pistols and revolvers alike.

I believe any NMLRA nationally certified RO will 'interpret' the rule that way, and if they don't the national organization will help them do so. It was certainly enforced (universally and unilaterally) at Friendship two weeks ago.

And I know for a fact that it will be clear at any range I am obliged to operate.
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